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German Espitia


German is a serial entrepreneur, and founder of Aurex & Silver Jewellery. As a marketing and sales expert, he uses his 40 years of international business experience to connect the Latin American market to international markets in North America, Europe, and the Middle East.


Nidia Rujana

International Relations & Public Affairs

Nidia has a vast understanding of different cultures around the world. Her heritage allows her to easily interact with people all over the world, and has a passion for connecting cultures through business, health, and relationships. She serves as a bridge between cultures through her knowledge and understanding of social dynamics.


Pascal André Vernot

International Precious Metals Trader

Pascal is an economist from the Universidad de Los Andes, in Bogotá, Colombia and specialized in International Trade. He works on business analytics projects related to the commodities industries. He speaks Spanish, French and English and currently runs a foreign trade operation in the mining and food sector in the Latin American Andes.


Dr. Claudia Elena Hernandez

Commercial Director

Dr. Hernandez is a graduate of Santiago de Cali University as an Attorney of Law in Colombia, and has served for the Colombian police force in analytical forensics. An expert in commercial management, she provides insight into strategic decisions and commercial solutions in the commodities industry.

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